Why Should I Join a Small Group?

     Pastor Tommy shared with the church last Sunday, January 22 the vision and goals of our church going into 2017. If you missed his sermon, you can listen to it here.

     One of the things that we are going to be launching in the near future are home groups. Home groups, small groups, cell groups, life group, whichever terminology you prefer, the idea is the same. The Christian life is lived in community. One of the ways we grow that community and dig deeper together is by getting to know one another on a deeper level. More than simply shaking hands at church once a week, and more than a passing shallow fellowship. Small groups let us get to know one another by being open and real about the many things we're going through.

     One nice thing about home groups is that they let us involve our friends, neighbors, and family that might be feeling hurt or abandoned by their church experience. A home group full of honest, open people can go a long way to make hurt people feel comfortable with the idea of faith again.

     We want to encourage all of our members and attenders to get involved with a small group. This is one way that Lamar will be moving forward in 2017. If you're still wondering if this is for you,  take a look at Chris Morton's Five Reasons a Small Group Will Help You Grow.

-Pastor Josh